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Adiabatic Atomizing Mist

Control Humidity with Quality High-Pressure Fog Systems

Quality is important! These Adiabatic Atomizing Mist systems are ready to start-up at the jobsite, right out of the crate!

Factory tested and totally pre-wired; just attach electrical power and your potable water supply to our regulator. No adjusting, no belts, no pulleys and no problems! “Soft-start” feature on every start-up for quiet, vibration-free operation with no electrical surge ever!

These atomizing mist systems automatically come up to the needed minimum speed to maintain your pre-selected fog pressure! Regardless of how many nozzles fogging, the system will sense, control and maintain the lowest possible RPM’s. Lower speeds reduce wear, noise and pump maintenance and power. Always quiet, always reliable.



  • Slow-speed, quiet running
  • Smooth, rigid direct-drive
  • All stainless pump-base
  • Water-tight & water-proof
  • Finger-safe electronics
  • 20% built-in expansion capability
  • Full Tech Manual Documentation
  • Remote start circuit built-in
  • Complimentary start-up spares
  • 13 to 88 nozzles
  • 6 different flow rates
  • 50 or 60 hertz
  • 1/2 to 2 horsepower
  • 120 vac to 460 vac


Cold Fog Atomizing System

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Atomizing Mist Brochure  
Atomizing Mist Brochure

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