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Insty-Pac Tube Assemblies

The Insty-Pac (patent no. 6,065,740) Multiple Tube Assembly is “job-engineered” to assure highly efficient steam release into the air stream. Each humidifier is designed for your specific capacity and duct size requirements. The Insty-Pac multiple tube assembly is designed to achieve the shortest possible dissipation distances in the industry to meet the most demanding applications.


The Insty-Pac is designed with punched orifices and is maintenance-free. The header/separator is designed to remove condensate before it enters the tubes. The tube-within-a-tube design means the desired steam jacket is only hot during a call for humidity, eliminating additional unwanted heat gain when no humidification is required.


The all-welded design eliminates the use of o-rings and couplings that may cause leakage and require maintenance.


The Insty-Pac tube assembly ships factory-assembled for fast and easy installation into ducts or air handlers.


Can be used with any of our atmospheric style humidifiers (GX, SX, ES, EC Series Humidifiers).

Standard Insty-Pac Features

  • 100% steam jacketed injection tubes
  • 304 stainless steel header/separator 
  • 304 stainless steel injection tube construction

Optional Features

  • 316 stainless steel construction


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Product Brochure  
Insty-Pac Tube Assembly Brochure
Insty-Pac Tube Assembly Specifications  
Insty-Pac Tube Assembly Specifications

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