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Four Steam Direct Injection Tube Humidifier

PURE’s Steam Injection Humidifiers are “job-engineered” to assure highly efficient steam release into the air stream. Each humidifier is designed for your specific capacity, steam pressure, and duct size requirements.


Capacity range up to 2,900 lbs/hr with single units. Available Models include:


Single Tube Humidifier

  • Factory piped and assembled
  • Small duct applications
  • Non-wetting distance is not a factor

Multiple Tube Humidifier

  • Wide capacity range
  • Shorter non-wetting distances
  • Can be used in small or large ducts and air handlers
  • Shipped loose for field assembly

Mini-Mult Humidifier

  • Factory piped and assembled
  • Designed for small capacities
  • For use in small ducts
  • Short non-wetting distance
  • Engineered for O.R., I.C.U. or clean room type applications

Area Type Humidifier

  • For use with non-ducted direct humidification applications 
  • Factory piped and assembled

Standard Steam Injection Features

  • Patented centrifugal steam separator (patent no. 4,509,965)
  • 100% steam jacketed injection tubes
  • 304 stainless steel separator construction
  • 304 stainless steel injection tube construction
  • Normally closed bronze body modulating control valve
  • Pneumatic modulating valve actuator
  • Float & Thermostatic trap 
  • Inlet “Y” strainer

Optional Features

  • Electric modulating valve actuator
  • Insulated injection tubes
  • Temperature switch
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel valve body for clean steam applications
  • Stainless steel steam traps for clean steam applications
  • Stainless steel inlet “Y” strainer for clean steam applications
  • Drain tempering kit


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Four Steam Injection Brochure

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